The objectives of SIAM, as established in the Certificate of Incorporation, are :

  • To further the application of mathematics to industry and science.
  • To promote basic research in mathematics leading to new methods and techniques useful to industry and science.
  • To provide medium for the exchange of information and ideas between mathematicians and other technical and scientific personnel.

Consistent with these SIAM objectives, the purposes of the METU SIAM Institute of Applied Mathematics Student Chapter are:

  • To introduce SIAM and its activities at METU and Turkey,
  • To be an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary organization,
  • Increase public awareness of applied math and related fields,
  • To develop software, hardware and systems to improve research in industry and science,
  • To broaden students perspectives in applied math and related fields,
  • To work toward the improvement of the interaction between applied mathematics, computational science in academia  and practitioners of these fields in  industry.