Introduction to R and GGobi

Özlem İlk

Middle East Technical University, Department of Statistics

May 17, Thursday, 14:00-17:30

Department of Mathematics, Computer Lab

Introduction to GGobi: A free data visiualization software

Duration: 1 hour

GGobi is a free software for visualizing high dimensional data. In this short course on GGobi, we will start with downloading it from internet. Later, basic properties, such as brushing, identifying, jittering, will be illustrated. We will also demonstrate the following tools of the software: variable manipulation, handling missing data, case subsetting and sampling. Interactive graphics will
be illustrated through rotation and projection of high dimensional data. The methods will be demonstrated on some demo datasets available in GGobi.

Introduction to R: A Free Computer Language and Computing Environment for Everyone

R is one of the most popular software for statistical computing and graphics; and yet the users are not restricted with statisticians anymore. In this short course on R, we will start with demonstrating how to download this free software from internet. Later, connecting to packages,libraries and help menus will be illustrated. One of the biggest challenges for new R users is reading data into the environment. Different solutions will be proposed for this issue. Moreover, how to save your results to an outside file will be covered. Basic applications, such as matrixoperations, random number generation, creating graphics, writing your own small functions, will be provided as well.

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