The finalists of our research competition

Our comittee of advisors have evaluated the applications to METU SIAM Student Chapter’s research competition and determined the following applicants as finalists:

  • Serdar Ciftci, Department of Computer Engineering, A New edge detector using intersection consistency,
  • Mehmet Onur Fen, Department of Mathematics Chaotic period-doubling and OGY control for the forced Duffing equation,
  • Burak Gozluklu, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Modeling of the dynamic delamination of L-shaped unidirectional laminated composites,
  • Umut Tosun, Department of Computer Engineering, Parallel Hybrid Robust Tabu Search Algorithm for the Quadratic Assignment Problem.

We congratulate our friends. They will be presenting their research next week on Tuesday (Feb 28, 2012). The winner will be announced soon after the presentations.